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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Baseball for ONE Colombia

The power of one: one passion, one purpose and one goal can drive an athlete, coach, team or community to be their very best. The impact of one: one player, one person, one play, or one game-changing moment can transform the course of competition and bring victory. Everything comes down to one. There is power in one Gospel, one truth and one great God who transforms hearts and brings victory in our lives.

As a result of our continued success in relationship with the Sports and Recreation Department of Colombia, authored by the ONE true God, we have some exciting news. We have been given the opportunity to manage several baseball fields that are currently not being properly utiilized in the community. Each baseball field will enable us to establish our very own FCA Baseball Academy in the area and either partner with doctrinally sound local churches or plant a new FCA Church. Each baseball field will enable us to serve over 600 different athletes on a weekly basis not including their family. This unique opportunity has only been extended to FCA. We are thankful that God continues to give FCA favor and access to transform commu-nities through sport.

Pictured above is one of the baseball fields that we have been offered. It is located in a suburb of Barranquilla called Soledad. While it needs some repairs it’s location is ideal for a church plant. Once we have the necessary funds in place we will receive permission to use this field for a period of 20 years. Please keep us in your prayers.

TBA – Baseball For ONE Colombia Fundraiser: Weston, FL

Over 8,300 Lives Impacted in First Year!

July marks our One -Year anniversary of FCA in the city of Valle de La Pascua, Venezuela. Over 200 coaches, 3,600 athletes, and 4,500 family mem-bers for a total of over 8,300 people were directly impacted. The fact that God so richly blessed this community was not the surprise. It’s how He did it. Many business owners, individuals, and churches all rallied around the ministry providing for the physical needs of the families we serve. All in all, we were able to provide food for over 800 people. Pictured above is one of our soccer teams that we serve.

Each of the athletes received 3 dozen eggs to provide much needed protein for them and their families. Considering the chaotic and volatile state that Venezuela is in, to see such generosity caused many, including yours truly to break out in tears. What God has done in this city in just one short year is just amazing. I am truly humbled and thankful.

On behalf of the all the lives touched in this community, our FCA Venezuela Staff, and my-self, thank you for the confidence you have put in us! Your prayers and financial support are a true blessing and make a significant impact. You are providing local coaches and athletes with the resources needed to share Christ’s love with their peers, teammates and friends. Be blessed!

Barranquilla, Colombia to Host Historic Event

Giving the ministry additional momentum is the excitement surrounding the 2018 Central America and Caribbean Games. Over 5,000 of the highest level coaches and athletes from more than 30 countries will gather in the city of Barranquilla to compete in this historic event. Preparations have already begun to take advantage of this unique opportunity and coordinate ministry efforts with other Latin America FCA Staff and Volunteers. Until then, Colombia-Venezuela FCA will continue to grow and expand to additional cities focusing on the North Coast Regions of both Colombia and Venezuela. Their goal is to be in the 24 major cities with a million or more population by 2018, thus doubling their current size. Please pray for the wisdom, wealth and workers needed to make an eternal impact in the lives of every coach and every athlete in Colombia and Venezuela.


September 14th 
Venezuela For ONE Fundraiser with Carlos Subero (1st Base Coach of the Milwaukee Brewers)

November 4
Dig-N-Pig Fundraiser for Colombia-Venezuela

Baseball For ONE Colombia Fundraiser

Sponsor An Athlete in Colombia


The #1 reason kids play sports in Colombia is to escape their situation at home… For $99 per year you can make an eternal difference for ONE.

Sponsor An Athlete in Venezuela

Venezuela 2

7 out of every 10 kids in Venezuela view crime as the best way to survive. For $99 per year you can get a child off the streets an onto an FCA Sponsored Team.